YP-SEA®多功能耐腐抗裂防渗剂是澳门轮坛626969oom根据当前防渗剂、膨胀剂发展的最新技术和防渗机理而研发的第三代新型抗裂防渗剂,属新一代复合型的专利升级产品,国家专利号为ZL 201120020521.5.该产品集抗裂、防渗、耐腐蚀等功能于一体,是一种多功能兼容的结构自防水材料。在混凝土中掺入8-12% YP-SEA®多功能耐腐抗裂防渗剂,可使混凝土产生适度微膨胀,能及时补偿混凝土的收缩。由于YP-SEA®耐腐抗裂防渗剂水化后形成的大量晶体物质与该产品中同时含有的特种高分子聚合物反应形成新的结晶体填充在混凝土毛细孔缝之中,可有效抵抗海水、氯离子、硫酸盐及酸碱油类物质对混凝土的腐蚀和渗透,改善混凝土密实性,提高混凝土的抗裂及防渗性能,增强抵抗周围环境介质侵蚀能力,延缓钢筋锈蚀的进程。该产品既可应用于超长结构连续无缝施工,缩短传统工期,又能应用于大体积、大面积混凝土,降低混凝土温差裂缝产生的机率,具有结构防渗效果,与各类水泥的相融性佳。可广泛应用于石油化工、海港码头、航空澳门轮坛626969oom、医药、电力、煤矿、市政、水利、国防、海工砼等大体积砼、抗渗砼及补偿收缩混凝土等特种工程。

YP-SEA multi-function rot - resistant, crack - resistant and impermeable agent

YP-SEA®multi-function corrosion-resistant anti-crack anti-seepage agent is the third generation of new anti-crack anti-seepage agent developed by our company according to the latest technology and anti-seepage mechanism of the development of anti-seepage agent expansion agent. It is a new generation of compound patent upgrade products, and the national patent number is ZL 201120020521.5. The product integrates anti-crack, anti-seepage, anti-corrosion and other functions, and is a multi-functional compatible self-waterproof material. Adding 8-12% YP-SEA® multifunctional corrosion resistance, crack resistance and seepage prevention agent into concrete can make concrete produce moderate micro-expansion and timely compensate the shrinkage of concrete. Due to YP - SEA ® percolating-proof agent hydration corrosion after the formation of a large number of crystal material and the product also contains special polymer reaction to form a new crystal fill in concrete wool stoma seam, which can effectively resist water, chloride ion, sulfate and alkali oil material corrosion and penetration of concrete, improve the compactness of concrete, Improve the concrete crack resistance and anti-seepage performance, enhance the resistance to the surrounding environment medium erosion ability, delay the process of steel corrosion. The product can not only be applied to super long structure continuous seamless construction, shorten the traditional construction period, but also can be applied to large volume, large area of concrete, reduce the probability of concrete temperature difference crack, with anti-seepage effect of the structure, and all kinds of cement compatibility is good. It can be widely used in petrochemical industry, port and wharf, aerospace, medicine, electric power, coal mine, municipal administration, water conservancy, national defense, Marine engineering concrete and other large volume concrete, impermeable concrete and compensation shrinkage concrete and other special projects.